Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's almost been a year since I last posted here--okay it's been only a little more than half a year, but whatever. Anyways, I must direct you to my new blog that is more or less just me posting things that inspire me. I tend to post fifteen times one day and then none the next. It's like life: very unpredictable. Enjoy.

Daily Inspiration

Thursday, October 8, 2009

FACT: This is a blog.

Let's talk facts.

FACT: I have neglected this little guy for quite some and it's starting to eat at my soul. (Okay, I don't know how much the eating at you soul part is fact....) I rarely have time to write in my personal journals, how could I possible find the time to blog my life away? And, to be quite honest, I have a rough time deciphering between what is blog-worthy material and what is personal-journal-worthy material. Man, it's tough, k?

FACT: I am five minutes from using my blog as advertising space and talking about.....maybe I should wait another four and a half minutes so that this "fact" is actually FACT. (Play Jeopardy song here) I know, I know--you're thinking, "What's the point of reading this girly-o's blog if she's going to sporadically post about meaningless stuff and then leave us hanging for five months for some substance. Well, to be quite honest, how much super dooper meaningful stuff is really blogged about? I'd say that's personal journal kinda stuff. :D

FACT: I am a huge Zinch nerd now that I have been working there for, what?, three months or less? I just really love the place, and, gimmie a break, how could you not? Talk about an easy-going, exciting (on good days), movement-making, up-to-date-with-teens kinda place, yeah?

FACT: Zinch just narrowed down their entries for the Ammunition for Tuition I scholarship and asked the semi-finalists to post a 140 character or less essay on how they are more than a test score on Twitter or Facebook. Yeah, man, we're tech savvy and hip. :D Wanna see?

FACT: I am way tired and should be going to bed now.

FACT: I need to catch up on some homework and sleep and life. I haven't even taken the time to really ask myself "How are you doing?" lately. Too busy asking others. They really matter more, to be honest. :D

Love ya.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

a moment

Whoa. I think this is awesome.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Her voice, her lyrics, her looks. Man, this girl has a lot going for her. Just listen to some of her lyrics. Really? Her voice is so beautiful it breaks my heart.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

thug story

Hilarious..... :D

i'm stunted

Yet again, not having a driver's license has stunted me...and my life.

You should know I am on the job hunt. Looking for a job to take up my time, give me some good experience, help me meet new people, and....of course, get me some extra cash. :D A new macbook pro is not cheap, my friends. :\ Anyways--ignore that tangent--so I had an interview yesterday (and today and tomorrow) for what I thought was a secretary position in the Theatre and Media Arts department on campus. Well, I get to the interview at 9:30am (today's interview was at 10am and tomorrow's interview is at 10:30am...what is this?) and the woman tells me that I'm actually going to be applying for a different position they are looking for because they think I am more qualified for this other position. It's a student assistant position and I'd be collecting videos for professors to use in the department, doing office work, and doing some graphic design. So, I interview and I think it goes well. I'm a little quirky and my weird personality shines through and the three ladies interviewing me laugh....a me or with me, I'm still not sure. At the end of the interview they tell me I will hear back from them on July 20. WAY too long of a time to hear back, but whatever, she's going out of town. I say bye and am out the door.

I go to devotional at 11am and during devotional I get a voicemail from the woman who is in charge of the position I interviewed for (not applied for) and she says I should call her back. When I get out of devotional I listen to the voicemail and call her. She wants to offer me the position! We talk about the specifics and then she goes "Oh, and do you have a valid driver's license?" ...................... No. (in case you don't know, I never really learned how to drive in Texas and then I was going to up here and then take the test back in Texas because here you have to take the driver's ed course--$300--and I wasn't willing to do that) This results in me having to turn down the job and her apologizing for not telling me earlier. "I should have put that on the job description!" (but that would not have helped me because I didn't apply for this position in the first place...haha)

Then, I call my best friend and chat her up about the whole thing. How I had a job and didn't in, oh, about five minutes...... :[ Then the lady calls back and I switch lines. "Hi, it's me again. I was just wondering....would you consider getting a driver's license?" I explain to her the situation about driver's ed and she sounds disappointed. (me too, lady, me too) I told her how I plan to get it when I go back to Texas. "So, when do you think you'll be going back to Texas...???" (persistence, indeed) I tell her not any time soon and apologize yet again. "Well, we were just really impressed and thought you'd fit really well here, but you cannot take the job without a driver's license."


WIsh me luck on the job hunt? And keep your eyes open, mmmmmmmkay?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Do not be mine

Okay, so I've been thinking about Valentine's Day lately and then I remembered this article that I wrote during my junior year of high school (2007). It's funny. You should read it. :D

Do not be mine

By Emily Chien

According to, who received their information from American Greetings, Saint Valentine was a priest who illegally wed couples during the third century in Rome when Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage. Another theory states that Saint Valentine was the first person to ever write a “valentine” greeting signing the card “From your Valentine.”

I find it suspicious that the information about Valentine’s Day on the web was given from a greeting card company, and though I do not doubt the truth in the material I still believe that the holiday was formed by the companies themselves.

Along with Secretary’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day is considered a “Hallmark Holiday,” which is a day created by card companies who benefit from the holiday more than others.

Welcome to the United States, where we compete with our neighbors for who has the brightest Christmas lights, who has the biggest SUV and who has the most expensive engagement ring. It is not a surprise to walk around the school on Valentine’s Day and see large balloons, bags of candy and sometimes bright, new jewelry.

A holiday that is supposedly about love is sure causing a lot of business for candy companies, greeting card makers and flower shops. I was under the impression that it was only the thought that counts.

Valentine’s Day is only a gimmick to feed America’s need for materialism. If one thinks it is only the teenagers who wrap themselves up in the holiday, then think again. Parents encourage their children to expect flashy and higher quality gifts that are not appreciated. By purchasing them unreasonable items with huge price tags that go to waste, parents are feeding their children’s materialistic nature.

It is apparent that Valentine’s Day is a holiday believed to be for appreciating and loving your significant other. Yet, I still see middle school and high school students spending $50 or more on their boyfriends or girlfriends.

I know there are many of my peers who believe that they are madly in love with their boyfriend or girlfriend, but odds are they will be with another person by the end of the year.

No longer is a romantic dinner at home enough, lately one has to incorporate candy, flowers, jewelry and no telling what else your significant other wants for the special day. The belief in Valentine’s Day is ridiculous. It seems as if teenagers are using this holiday to parade around the fact that they are gullible enough to believe buying their current boyfriend or girlfriend an expensive gift will fix all their problems.